Introducing the Prep Hoops Circuit

Prep Hoops announced the new format for their 2019 spring and summer tournaments – the Prep Hoops Circuit.

With significant changes to the NCAA viewing periods in 2019, the Prep Hoops Circuit aims to maximize the visibility, experience, and competition of elite shoe circuits while providing the logistical and financial flexibility that is required to be an efficient independent grassroots platform. The comprehensive media coverage, live streaming, and excellence in event operations that tournament participants have come to expect at all Prep Hoops events will continue to be an emphasis of the Prep Hoops Circuit.

“The Prep Hoops Circuit has been a long time coming,” Prep Hoops co-founder Nick Carroll said. “Our events team has been very patient and intentional in rolling out our own ‘league’ concept. We felt that it was important to wait until we truly felt like we could add unique and impactful value to programs. With the recent changes to the recruiting calendar, that time has come.”

Teams that participate in a minimum of two qualifying events will be given a Power Score and eligible to compete in the Prep Hoops Circuit Final in July. The Power Score is a brand-new ranking system based off a team’s win/loss percentage, schedule strength, and consistency of success in Circuit events.

The highest-ranked teams will be eligible to play in the Prep Hoops Circuit Finals Championships at the end of the summer.

“The importance of comprehensive media coverage and guaranteed live streaming is at an all-time high,” Carroll added. “I am proud to say that with the Prep Hoops Circuit, we will be doubling-down our resources to provide programs a flexible and cost-effective platform, with the coverage, visibility, and competition of the elite grassroots platforms.”

A full list of qualifying events can be found at

Teams can apply to join the Prep Hoops Circuit at