What Is the Prep Hoops Circuit?

With the growing popularity of “league” concepts in grassroots basketball, like the Nike EYBL, Adidas Gauntlet, and Under Armour Association, programs across the country have been asking, “Why doesn’t Prep Hoops run a League?”Those of you who have attended a Prep Hoops event know we try to be unique in everything we do. In our coverage, our staffing, and our facilities, we strive to be best-in-class in all facets of an event. Over the past 24 months, our events team has been working diligently to answer one question: “How can we add value?”

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After countless conversations with program directors, we have crafted a concept that we believe is the future of grassroots basketball.

The Prep Hoops Circuit is the first independent grassroots platform to blend the nation’s top tournaments with a structured rankings system, culminating with one of a kind final events in some of America’s top facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not received an invite from the Prep Hoops Events Team, you will need to apply for acceptance into the Prep Hoops Circuit. You can click here to apply today: https://www.prephoopscircuit.com/league-application
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Each game played in a qualifying event counts towards your Power Score. For more information on how this score is calculated, click here: https://www.prephoopscircuit.com/power-score/

No. Each Prep Hoops Circuit team is required to attend two qualifying events in their region. You can select any two events that fit into your schedule. Once you have completed your second qualifying event, you are immediately eligible for the Finals event in your region.

You can find a full list of qualifying events here: https://www.prephoopscircuit.com/schedule

You are more than welcome to do that! Although you will miss out on the benefits of the Prep Hoops Circuit, which includes premium pricing, apparel packages, and exclusive PHPL media coverage.
Hustle Region: CA, NV, AZ, UT, ID, OR, WA, MT, NM
Grind Region: TX, OK, LA, AR, MO, KS, CO, WY
Hard Work Region: MN, ND, SD, NE, IA, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, KY, CanadaTeams from additional states are allowed to participate pending application. Click here to apply: https://www.prephoopscircuit.com/league-application

Can’t find an answer to your question above? Email events@prephoops.com and a member of our staff will reply within 1 business day.