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Covid-19 Update (March 27th)

We want to thank you for your patience and trust as we navigate the uncharted waters that have come as a byproduct of COVID-19. The past two weeks have undoubtedly provided more questions than answers pertaining to virtually all aspects of our day to day lives, and the grassroots basketball calendar has been no exception.

As program directors during this unprecedented time, now more than ever, your families are looking to you to provide a lens into the future. This email will give you a definitive road map that you, your coaches, and families can begin to plan around as we move back towards normalcy.

Below you will find an update on what we have learned over the last two weeks, what we are doing with that information, and what we need from you.

What We’ve Learned

It is highly likely that both of the spring NCAA Certified weekends (April 17-19 & April 24-26) are going to be cancelled by the NCAA. If operators do choose to host events, it is almost certain that college coaches will be barred from attending. To our knowledge, the NCAA does not intend to replace the lost weekends.

Depending on the state, the earliest that schools will be back in session is Monday, May 5th, with some markets already cancelled for the remainder of the academic year. While schools are not in session, programs who rely on public school gyms for tryouts and practices will face challenges in getting their teams formed and seasons started due to lack of gym availability.

Based on countless conversations with college coaches, program directors, event operators, venue administrators, and equally as many hours learning about the trajectory of this pandemic, we are comfortable betting on the possibility that we will have basketball by Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-24), with a high degree of certainty that we will be back in full swing by Friday, July 3.

In polling 500+ programs, over 82% of you stated that you are interested in playing an amended schedule, with events added in June, August, or both.

The most prominent theme that came from our program survey was the desire for a concrete plan that you can bring back to your families. Not a scenario of “what if”, but a complete schedule to ease their uncertainties about the season as a whole.

What We Are Doing About It

In response to the information that we have learned over the past two weeks, our team has worked tirelessly to recreate our event calendar. We had two primary goals throughout this process:

1. Maintain the structure of the Prep Hoops Circuit
2. Offer your families a definitive plan that you can confidently commit to

Based on what we know today, we have postponed all events through April and we will offer our first events of the season on Memorial Day weekend (May 22-24). We are intentionally only slotting two events for both that weekend and the following weekend (May 29-31). We are cautiously optimistic that things will change for the better over the next 45-50 days, but in the case that additional social distancing is recommended at the local and/or federal levels, we want to protect programs from needing to again reschedule a large number of events.

We will formally launch the remaining summer schedule on July 3-5. Going forward, we will host anywhere between five and seven events around the country each weekend. With the abbreviated season, it is critical to lean heavily on this seven week window in order to get your program and players caught up on the college visibility, coverage, and competition that they are currently being shortchanged. All Prep Hoops Circuit Finals will take place July 31-August 2 in the same locations as were originally scheduled.

Here is a link to the updated schedule: Prep Hoops Circuit Schedule

Programs who have signed contracts and/or made deposits:

All previously signed Prep Hoops Circuit programs will be automatically slotted for the same region as their original contract, re-select their qualifiers, and then receive an updated agreement to sign.

Deposits that have been made for your Region Final will be applied to the new Region Final date.

Deposits that have been made for rescheduled qualifying events will be applied to the qualifying event of your choice.

What We Need From You

1. Review the new Prep Hoops Circuit Schedule
2. Select your region and qualifying events
3. A member of our events team will be in contact with you by Friday, April 3 to make necessary amendments to your circuit contract. If you know the changes you’d like to make sooner, you can email them to and our team will get you an updated agreement.

Thanks again for the trust you put into Prep Hoops for events and beyond. Our team can’t wait to get back in the gym with you all!


Nick Carroll
Co-Founder, VP of Events
Prep Hoops