The 2019 Prep Hoops Circuit is proud to partner with PSE Housing to assist our member teams in securing accommodations at all of our event destination cities. Booking through this tool will not only help in making your stay financially realistic, but will offer additional benefits that include:

  • Free breakfast (where applicable)
  • Reservation flexibility up to 48 hours before your scheduled stay
  • Convenience in location to the headquarter gym and surrounding locations

In compliance with each team’s 2019 Prep Hoops agreement, teams can select a respective event to begin the booking process. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact PSE directly at the number provided on the booking pages. If you need technical assistance, please contact MiDian Holmes at

#HustleSzn Kickoff

#GrindSzn Kickoff

Spring Kickoff

#HardWorkSzn Kickoff

Hard Work Live

Midwest Grind Session

Bash in the Desert

Hustle in the Sun

Mayhem in the Plex

Battle at the Lakes

Havoc in the Heartland

Show Me Showdown

Summer Challenge

Grind Region Prospect Showcase

Grind Region Finals

Hard Work Region Prospect Showcase

Hard Work Region Finals

Hustle Region Prospect Showcase

Hustle Region Finals