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2019 Prep Hoops Tournament Rules

ALL National High School Rules Apply Except for the Following

Coach Check In:

  • The facility will open 30 minutes prior to 1st game.
  • Coach must check in their team at the headquarter facility gate prior to the 1st game, you will
    receive any necessary information there.

Length of Game:

  • 3rd – 8th Boys and Girls will play two 14-minute stop time halves
  • 9th – 11th Boys will play two 16-minute stop time halves
  • Running clock if there is a 15 pt. lead in the 2nd half when the clock reaches the 8
    minute mark.
  • Halftime will last 2 minutes and warm up will last 3-5 minutes.
  • If a team is up 20 or more points with 2 minutes or less, the game will be called.

Free Throws:

  • At the 7th team foul in a half, the opposing team shoots 1&1.
  • Double bonus will begin at 10 team fouls each half.


  • One coach may stand unless they receive a technical foul.
  • If ejected, that player or coach will NOT be allowed to coach in next game.
  • No warm-up basketballs will be provided and home teams provide the game ball.
  • 3rd-6th Boys and will use a 28.5 ball. All others use 29.5.
  • 1st team listed or on top of the bracket is the home team and will wear a light jersey.
  • If any team is more than 5 minutes late for any game, that game will be forfeited.
  • Score keepers and score board staff will be provided by Prep Hoops.
  • The home team is listed 1st in pool play or on top of bracket.
  • No press is up 20 points or more (3rd-8th grade ONLY).
  • The tournament director has the authority to override any rules


  • The 1st overtime will be a 2 minute stop clock. Thereafter, it will be one minute (stop).


  • 3 full timeouts per game.
  • One full timeout per overtime period, no carry over from previous halves.


  1. Head to Head
  2. Point Differential (+/-20 max)
  3. Points Scored
  4. Points Allowed